Workforce a key theme at this year’s Global Implementation Conference

John Morris, MSW, executive director of The Annapolis Coalition, and David Bernstein, MSW, director of the Center for Effective Interventions, co-facilitated two implementation practice groups (IPGs) at this year’s Global Implementation Conference. IPGs are global communities of implementation stakeholders who gather around common topical interests related to the science and practice of implementation. Morris and Bernstein led the IPGs concerning workforce dimensions of implementation of science-driven practices. Topics covered a wide range of issues including:

  • Preparing education staff to implement the Common Core Standards in a rural California school district.
  • Supporting community health workers in Ethiopia.
  • Improving graduate curriculum in behavioral health practice in the United States.
  • Effectively using e-tools to jumpstart technical assistance and training.

The Annapolis Coalition is pleased that workforce issues are front and center in the drive to improve practice through science.

*Workforce was just one of nine implementation themes that focused on the methods and best practices required to achieve greater effectiveness of evidence-based intervention.

More information can be found here.


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