Recovery apps create virtual community of peer support

A recent article in Behavioral Healthcare discusses how the Memorial Hermann Health System’s Prevention and Recovery Center (PaRC) has adopted the use of a 24/7 digital recovery platform to help patients with drug and alcohol addictions upon their return home. For example, PaRC’s recovery app allows users to “check in” with different emoticons of how they are feeling. If it’s a high-risk emotion, a message is sent out to their support network. While in treatment, patients are introduced to alumni through the continuing care and alumni meetings at PaRC. These individuals often become the base of the newly released patient’s support network on the recovery application. Since PaRC doesn’t allow mobile devices for patients while in treatment, individuals initially are set up with the program on iPads or computers that PaRC provides. When patients step down to the outpatient level, they’re able to use their mobile devices.

More information can be found here and here.

To view the digital platform used by PaRC (scroll to bottom of page).

*Please note OneHealth is just one example of a digital recovery platform. There are many others.


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