Pharmacists roles in the behavioral health workforce

Faculty from the College of Pharmacy and Department of Psychiatry at Dalhousie University in Canada have used an implementation research framework to increase the capacity of pharmacists to improve the care of persons with mental illness. They examined the capability, motivation, and opportunity of community pharmacists to deliver mental health care and identified the potential functions of an intervention to increase capacity. These included: education and training, persuasion, use of incentives, environmental restructuring, and modeling. They also describe 15 behavior change techniques. All of these elements were combined into an intervention called More than Meds, which involved a day of training for pharmacists combined with participation in a community of practice linked via a website, regular communications, a newsletter, and social media.

The full reference is: Murhpy, A.L., Gardner, D.M., Kutcher, S.P., and Martin-Misener, R. A theory informed approach to mental health care capacity building for pharmacists. International Journal of Mental Health Systems, 8:46, 2014.

The article is available online.


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