Compensation Reported for Peer Support Specialists


Dr. Allen Daniels, Senior Author of the Report

Dr. Allen Daniels, Senior Author of the Report

The College for Behavioral Health Leadership, formerly ACMHA, has released a report containing findings of two national surveys on compensation of peer support specialists. The project grew out of concern that data was available on specialists’ satisfaction with employment roles and compensation, but did not report actual compensation levels.

The first of two surveys invited peer support specialists to report their own compensation. The second was a survey of organizations that employ these specialists. Surveys were distributed by three consumer organizations: the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, the International Association of Peer Supporters, and the New York Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services. A total of 1608 specialists and 271 organizations responded. The average hourly rate for full-time specialists was $16.36 per hour with wide variation between geographic regions and different types of organizations (e.g., consumer-run versus provider agencies). Of particular concern was the finding of gender differences, with men receiving more than $2.00 per hour more than women.

The origins of the Annapolis Coalition can be traced to an ACMHA summit focused on training and education. The senior author of the compensation report, Dr. Allen Daniels, was a founding member of the Coalition.

The compensation report is available online.


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