Coalition Board Member Sue Bergeson Receives Beers Award

Sue Bergeson, a longstanding member of the Annapolis Coalition Board of Directors, is the most recent recipient of the prestigious Clifford W. Beers Award. Bestowed by Mental Health America, one of the nation’s leading advocacy organizations, its highest award recognizes a consumer who has improved conditions for and attitudes about individuals with mental health conditions. Annapolis Coalition Executive Director John Morris and Senior Science and Policy Director Michael Hoge first met Sue in her role as the Vice President of the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA). She became a strong partner in the process of building the Annapolis Coalition, first joining its National Steering Committee and then its Board of Directors. After subsequently serving as the President of DBSA, Sue joined Optum Behavioral Solutions, where she now serves as National Vice President for Consumer and Family Affairs. Over the past two decades, she has played a major role in the development and recognition of peer support and has guided its introduction into the services funded by Optum. She is recognized nationally as a leader within the mental health field and recently keynoted two SAMHSA-sponsored summits on building a peer workforce. The Annapolis Coalition thanks Sue for her years of service and offers its congratulations on receipt of the Beers award.


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